Image Cards - using SVG Files


I can't seem to upload an SVG image to put on my dashboard as a header. Is this not allowed?



  • amehdad

    Hi @ttronson, are you uploading your SVG image through 'Custom Charts' (i.e. ...admin/companysettings/adminCustomMaps) or through Edit Dashboard -> Image?

    Normal process is to upload the SVG file through as a chart first and then it can be used:

    Also, did you get any error messages?

  • ttronson

    No this is on a dashboard itself - just trying to bring in a top level banner that is an image. If I bring in a png file it works fine, but then it doesnt scale and seems blurry. So looking to see if we can bring in an svg that will scale

  • MichelleH

    @ttronson If your PNG file seems blurry, that has more to do with the resolution than the file type. Do you have a higher resolution version of the PNG?