Can't add an existing card

I'm pretty new to Domo so I can't tell if this is a bug, permissions issue, or something else.

I added some data, created a card, and was trying to add the card to a dashboard, but keep getting a spinning circle when I try to add that card. I can't even view any cards either - I get the same spinning circle. When the search field is blank, I get the spinning circle. When I type in the name of the card to search for it, nothing is returned and I still see the spinning circle.

Any help would be appreciated!



  • @bkdadomo There are multiple ways to add a card to a dashboard, so could you please share the specific steps you took with some screenshots?

  • Steps to reproduce:

    1. Go to view dashboard
    2. Click the + sign in the top right
    3. Add existing Card
    4. Spinning circle issue

    Other method:

    1. Go to dashboard
    2. Edit dashboard
    3. Add existing Card
    4. Spinning circle issue
  • MichelleH
    MichelleH Coach
    edited November 2022

    @bkdadomo The card search function can often be slow. I recommend starting from the card you want to add, clicking the card options wrench, and choosing the "Move / Copy" function. From there, you can search for the dashboards where you want the card to reside. Once you click "Save" the card will appear in the Appendix of the dashboard.