Create a Bar + line combo chart with 2 y-axis variables


Goal is to create something like attached with 2 variables on y-axis. The bars would represent sales dollars and the line would represent payment rate. Series would be store location. Scrolled through other posts on the site and found that they only worked for 1 y-axis variable. Greatly appreciate your help!


  • GrantSmith

    You can utilize a Line + Group Bar chart to replicate something like this. In the general settings you'll defined the number of series which make up the lines on your chart and the rest default to bars.

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  • newbee

    Hey this the line and bar designation would not depend on the series. The variables would. The payment rate variable (on the y-axis) would go to line and sales dollar variable (a separate y-axis variable would go to bars.)

    My data table below and my desired output using Excel. Need help replicating that in DOMO