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Hi all,

I am working to generate a report but am not sure how to calculate in Domo to get the visualization right

Right now, we are looking a property type breakdown by year - included on the y-axis is the number of loans we had each year.

We are trying to keep the years on the x axis but only show the property type breakdown as a percentage similar to this where each year's percentages adds up to 100%

When I change the x-axis to a property type field, I am getting a count of all the property types that are filled out in our data

How do I create a field where everything adds to 100% but also show the breakdown of each property type? Do I need to create a beast mode? What functions do I need to use?

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  • You can keep your y-axis as count, but change your chart type to the 100% stacked bar. It is found under the vertical bar chart type. This will get your items to add up to a 100%.

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  • damen
    damen Contributor

    @MarkSnodgrass Simple enough. Thank you sir.

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