Sorting order of sub-bars in nested bar graph


Hello all. I'm working on a nested bar graph. On the x-axis are calendar months (represented as 2021-4, 2021-5, etc). The y-axis has a count of tasks accomplished. As the data table shows, a task can be Low, Medium, High, or Uncategorized priority, and the greyish-purple background bar for each is the sum of all tasks in that time period. Easy enough so far.

Now, I would like the "sub-bars" within each time period to appear in order of priority- Uncategorized, Low, Medium, High. I thought that adding a Beast Mode calculated field would let me do this, so I created this:

 		WHEN 'Priority' = 'High' 			THEN 1
	 	WHEN 'Priority' = 'Medium' 			THEN 2
 		WHEN 'Priority' = 'Low' 			THEN 3
 		WHEN 'Priority' = 'Unprioritized' 	        THEN 4
 		ELSE 5

However, when I apply that to the sorting, it alters the ordering within each month in ways I don't understand. None of the aggregations produce the order I'm looking for. It was altering the order in which months were displayed as well, but I added the month as an initial filter and it no longer does that.

I'm sure I'm missing something very basic. I'm very new to this, so please don't assume I've tried the easy stuff... I'm still learning what those are. Thank you in advance.


  • GrantSmith

    Are you sorting first on the unaggregated date filed and then sorting on the unaggregated sort order beast mode you wrote?

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  • froghunter

    Thank you for the reply. I am doing as you say:

    That makes the values appear in this order in both the table and the individual category column groups:

    This is what I'm calling a "category column group". There's probably a better name than that...