Beast Mode Manager shows deleted beast mode

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I deleted a beast mode of card type from a card, and saved the card. This beast mode indeed does not show up any more once I opened the card. However, when I went to beast mode manager and this deleted beast mode still shows up. If I clicked it, I got an error like this: Something went wrong. Please try this after sometime. If I tried to archive it, I got an error like: Error archiving 1 beast mode failed. Why beast mode manager still shows this ghost deleted beast mode? How to fix this error.


  • Beastmode Manager has a delay. The best fix is to just wait a few hours. I'm not sure what the exact delay is.

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  • Thanks @ST_-Superman-_ for the answer. It does not look like delay. I deleted several beast modes two days ago and those deleted beast modes still exist in beast mode manager.

  • Are the "ghost" beastmode calcluations saved to the dataset or to separate cards? I've noticed that if I have a beastmode added on only a card and then I use the "save as" option for the card, it will "duplicate" that beastmode with the same name but saved as different calculations on different cards.

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  • I noticed those "ghost" beast mode calculations always exist in beast mode manager regardless of the type of these beast mode, dataset type or card type. I tested both of these cases and both cases show me the same errors.

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    @EllaCui in beast mode manager does it show you that it's on a dataset or card anywhere? You may need to put in a ticket with domo support.

  • @mhouston Thanks for your suggestion. On beast mode manager, The name of this beast mode calculation will show up if I search by card name or by dataset name. If I click it, it does not show anything. If I filter the search by not used in card, it will shows up too. I will put in a ticket with domo support.

  • I've also been getting errors when selecting several beastmodes at once to archive them. I thought maybe that perhaps some of them were locked, so then I filtered the beastmodes to "not used in a card" and to myself as the owner. I have admin security as well. But it would still say failed to archive. It could just be a delay issue that ST_Superman mentioned above.

    But another thing I was really wondering if the formulas within ETLs count as "beastmodes"? I have many formulas within ETLs that I do not use in cards. Would these show up in beastmode manager? Or do they not because they're in the ETL? I hope they would not show up in beastmode manager