Domo isn't loading my excel files


Hi everyone, can anyone give any tips for loading an excel file with approximately 250,000 rows of data (some files about 60K KB, i've uploaded larger file sizes before)? It's to a dataset that is set to append but every time I upload it and click "save", and it imports, I go to check via Explorer view and I dont see the data. Does anyone have any tricks? I've already spliced the original file from about 750K rows into what I thought were three manageable excel files?

Thanks in advance !



  • HowDoIDomo
    HowDoIDomo Contributor

    Are you using Workbench or uploading directly into For me, I usually need to refresh my browser before any datasets or cards reflect the new data.

    If you're uploading directly to your instance, have you considered Workbench or a different connector? It may work better.

  • AeyaiSaengkeo

    Thanks for the response. So I'm limited with the excel file, are you suggesting workbench will take an excel file and optimize it or is workbench skipping the whole excel file step? Im at the mercy of a vendor where I can only download a CSV, so this is the starting point. I've also split the file into more manageable size files but still having issues with the feed accepting it.