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We are using iframe to load DOMO report in our application. We are passing DOMO url and token to iframe source.

We have one application which sends email to users. EMAIL body contains one hyperlink. On click of that, we are navigating user to HTML page where iframe is added. This Domo Report have 2 cards.

Now, we want to provide link in EMAIL body which will directly navigate user to card-2 from report. If user want to see card-1 he will scroll upward. Is there any way to specify that in DOMO url, like we have menu section on click of that we navigate to specific page.

Is there any way to create anchor tag for card, so that in url I will add href and it will navigate to that card from report.


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    Hi @Rohit ,

    May be you can do this on HTML instead of Domo. Add an anchor tag on the HTML element where you are adding your Domo everywhere iFrame for card2, that would also help.


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