Is anyone having issues with Dropbox datasets?


We have five Dropbox datasets that have failed to run. "Domo is ready, but we could not find a file at specified path. Please enter a path for a file uploaded on dropbox."

They have been running continuously for the past month up until that point. The files are across two separate Dropbox accounts, so it can't be a particular account issue. None of the files have been renamed (nor have the folders been renamed) in Dropbox. Files are updated in Dropbox via PowerAutomate and everything is working on that side.

For reference, we are using the Dropbox File Advanced connector.

Any solutions?



  • RobSomers

    @TheScotsman If the file an folder haven't been renamed, from the error it sounds like the location of the folder may have changed. Is the folder still in the same location, or has the file path been changed? If it's still the same, then I'd put in a support ticket with Domo, though you may need assistance from Dropbox as well.

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  • calebtyrone
    calebtyrone Member
    edited October 2022

    @TheScotsman Yes I'm having the same issue. I'm having to replace them with Dropbox File Advanced Connector datasets as a workaround.

    *Edit - The Advanced Connector is having the same issue. I thought it was working, but it only works on files that haven't been modified in the last few days.