Bing Connection - Almost there but....

I've tried to connect to the bing connector. I've done the app registration in Azure, but when I go to link the connector I get an error that reads as:

Domo is ready, but the credentials you entered are invalid. Verify your account credentials and try again.

But, I am connected, and have done all the steps in Azure

I feel like it is something in Bing Ads itself?


  • Billobi
    Billobi Contributor

    Hi there, I have felt the heartburn associated with the Bing Ads connector as well. The authentication method leaves a lot to be desired for, especially if you're not a regular within the Office/Azure workspace.

    The KB article on the connector calls out the big 3 - making sure you have the dev token, the client ID & secret, and setting the redirect UI. If you haven't done all of those, be sure to circle back through the KB thoroughly...there are several tiny gotchas that are easy to pass by. Also be sure that your Microsoft account has all the right permissions (Super Admin) and can see the ads in the UI that you're trying to pull down.

    The understated item that is pretty important (and perhaps relevant to your particular error) is that you need to use the same Microsoft account for all of those steps, then you need to use it again when you put in your creds in OAuth when making the connection in Domo. If you regularly switch between several Microsoft user accounts, the connector can easily trip up and try to store the wrong account. I always recommend using incognito browsers when setting up this connector to prevent prior credentials getting pulled in inadvertently.

    Have you managed to beat this issue into submission since your initial posting? :)

  • Canioagain
    Canioagain Contributor


    The super admin account is different from my domo account. The super admin doesn't have a domo login

    are you suggesting I make a domo user for the super admin, login to domo with that, and then try to use the Bing connecter under that Domo user?

  • Billobi
    Billobi Contributor

    No you don't need to have the same username for the Bing connector and your Domo user. The Bing user needs to be configured as a super admin for it to allow the connector to work. As long as your Domo user has permission to create new datasets, you shouldn't need to change any config settings on your Domo user.

    Using multiple Microsoft accounts on any given day trips me up the worst with the connector. Using incognito when configuring the connector helps because it forces a fresh Microsoft login (to the account that you build the dev key with) when you connect the account.