Google Sheets connector datasets failing due to auth token expired.



I am seeing that something today happened for all of our google sheet datasets via connector are failing or having long run times due to this error message. "Domo is ready, but the authentication token is expired. Please verify your account credentials and try again"

Does anyone know the resolution for this? I tried going to accounts under data tab but could not resolve the issue.



  • MichelleH

    @gbrown I have had this same issue today and I was not sure if it was isolated to my instance. Have you been in contact with Domo Support about this?

  • gbrown
    gbrown Member
    edited October 2022

    @MichelleH Yes, I contacted them regarding this issue. I am waiting to hear back on the corrective action going forward. I will keep you updated when they reach out. Thanks

  • Merilytics

    Did anyone get to know the reason behind this ? As we are also encountering similar error.