Start day of week

Jones01 Contributor


We have fiscal calendars loaded onto our instances which work great but we have the scenario where we need the calendars and pivoting mechanisms to work on calendar year (default) but Monday - Sunday weeks rather than the default of Sunday - Saturday weeks.

Can this be toggled for an instance?



  • jsr
    jsr Member

    When adding fiscal calendars to Domo via your rep one of the questions they ask is week start date. You may want to reach out to Domo support if that step was missed. Another option would be adding the beast mode formula discussed at to the cards in question.

  • Jones01
    Jones01 Contributor

    @jsr We are using domo everywhere and one of our customers likes to use their fiscal yeah but they also like to run things on calendar year but the default calendar year in domo is sun-sat which can't be changed.