Gauge Series


Is it possible to use two different groups on a Gauge chart? I have 1 number but the number is put together using two different groups (series).

A few people asked this question a few years ago but I was wondering if this has been added into Domo?


  • I think what you are asking must be possible using a DDX brick at the very least.

    There are a ton of radial gauge options, can you be a bit more specific about what you are trying to accomplish? Possibly sketch it out?

    Are you looking for something like this?

  • louiswatson

    Hi Jason, with our total installs we have two different types: KPI Completed and Completed Awaiting Power.

    I'd like to show the total number which is broken down in two categories (above).

    Attached is a basic sketch, the numbers are 83 KPI completed and 16 Completed Awaiting Power. Total 99.

    Could a DDX brick do this?