Beast Mode to replace null with 0


I have a pivot table that counts the "EventID" for each row of data, per person. Some people did not have activity so there is not a row of data to count.

I tried doing a beast mode for the "Values" field of the pivot table that replaces the null cells with a "0" so I can have the color settings make the cell dark red, but it is not working.


ELSE 0 (** I also tried ELSE '0'**)


Is there a way to get a 0 in the cell without going back to the dataflow? It is just needed for this card.

I also tried using the color rules but when I left the "is" cell blank, all of the cells turned red, not just the empty ones.

Thank you for your help. :)


  • You can try and utilize the General - Fill Empty Data Cells with 0 settings on your pivot table to fill the blanks with a 0 and then try and compare to 0 for your color rule.

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