Google Analytics - Referrals


I am trying to create a graph using Google Analytics, specifically on referrals (Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Referrals). However, when I connect and select which data to include, I am not pulling the right numbers. Does anyone have advice on which metrics to pull in? Thanks!


  • Hi @chrissy, the Google Analytics Advanced Connector is the best way to pull GA metrics. In terms of what you are after specifically, the terminology could be different in the search options. Here is a screenshot from the Dev notes online:

    Matching those field names to the options available in the dataset connector, out of the 16 options available, the one below appears to be the most suitable

  • If you are doing the above and are experiencing errors, I would look into any segments (e.g. Geography) that are in your campaign setup so that we limit data to your relevant traffic space (without crossing over to other areas). Having a campaign to test numbers in source and in Domo would be what I would advise next so any differences can be identified.