Multiple Columns with Multiple Yes fields


I have a datasource that looks like this (with ~50 different products, so having just four separate filters would not work):

What I need is a table, filterable by product (using OR functionality, if C & A are chosen Customers 1, 3, and 4 should show), with the number of software seats for that customer, and a grand total at the bottom.

I thought of doing a dynamic unpivot, but that would duplicate the customer rows, and it would say Customer 1 has 150 seats.

I am not sure if this is a dataflow problem, or a card problem, I am open to a solution in either form.


  • RobSomers

    @AaronCrouch If your card is going to be broken out by customer, you can try it with the unpivot method you were thinking and then in your card use MAX('Software Seats') or aggregate it with MAX when you add the column.

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