Uploading Domo user photos via Python?


I've been experimenting with the Python package Pydomo and have found great success implementing it in our org. I have now automated how we update user's department, title, and even manager using Python. Now comes the hardest part: updating a user's photo. I have access to everyone's photo via Workday, and I want to be able to pull those photos and then upload them using Python. However, I am not an experienced programmer by any means, so I don't even know where to start.

I found this example that someone did on a separate website, so I think I want to replicate it: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29104107/upload-image-using-post-form-data-in-python-requests But there isn't any API documentation that Domo currently has to do this. Any ideas?



  • GrantSmith

    Pydomo doesn't support setting/uploading profile images. You could monitor the network traffic to determine what the API call it's making to then replicate in your python script with a package list requests. I had done this in the past but can't find the endpoint. You will need to make sure you set the Content-Type correctly (not application/json) as you'll be uploading a PNG string which needs to be base64 encoded.

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  • nathankilcrease


    Thanks for the reply! I've been looking into this, but I also can't find the endpoint, and I'm not sure what the Content-Type should be changed to. Possibly "image/png"? I can't get past a 400 response error