Snowflake Federated dataset refresh rate


I have created a Snowflake federated dataset with a Cache TTL of 900 seconds. I have some confusion about the following.

  1. When I add reload data to my base table in Snowflake, I expect the Federated dataset to run in real-time or after 900 secs. But I don't see my 'Last run' section getting updated on the Dataset Overview page. Is this expected? I don't see the run details in the history tab too.
  2. I observed the data gets refreshed in Domo and shows up in the data/preview section though

Can someone help me with

how often the data get updated in Domo and where do I see the history of the run in Domo?

Is there any restriction with operations I do I Snowflake for it to get updated in Domo? Ex, only inserts are captured or full refresh of the table is ignored.