Calculating Compound Annual Growth Rate

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Hi, I am attempting to use beast mode to calculate the compound annual growth rate of HH AA% and P2+ AA% between the lowest and highest season year identifiers. Any ideas of how to do this? In a typical compound annual growth rate calculation we would utilize the values for both the most current

period and the furthest one. But in Domo is there a way for get it to still do this calculation, even if we were to change the periods within a filter?




  • I'm struggling to understand what you are expecting to calculate. Is the desired calculation (from the screenshot above) to find the value of the change from 4031 to 4039? So for HH AA% you would want to see 1.52-1.92 or "-0.40%"? and for P2+AA% .75-.97 or "-.22%"?

    In that case, you may want to think about utilizing a flex table instead as you can set the change calculation to look at the first value minus the last value and it will respond to filters that get applied. The flex table and also show percent change if that is what you want.

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