Data format from Jupyter to Dataset

I'm facing the issue of transforming the dataframe to domo dataset.

I have cleaned dataset, merge, join etc and make my dataframe beatifull, then the issue happen when I export by the domo.write_dataframe, the domo dataset change the the format of dataframe and it definitely not what I want.

What a waste if we have to transform data again, right?

Anyone facing or have solution for this will be appreciated.

Here is the screen shot for some fields.


  • it's unclear what your output from (presumably) magic etl scripting tiles looks like. can you send intermediate screenshots?

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  • Hi jaeW_at_Onyx,

    I mentioned jupyter workplace, which is Python. And the result as the picture I uploaded

  • I was having a similar issue with a date column that changed to text when I wrote the data frame to a dataset in Domo. I played with the different dtypes, and found one that did stay as a date after moving to Domo (though the timezone changed, so it ended up being a few hours different than what I had in Pandas). Domo doesn't have an int data type, so maybe try changing it to a float to see if gives you something numeric once it's in Domo?