Issues With Triggering Campaigns App With An Alert

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I've been following along with

I am currently at the point of testing the POST to the API in the WebHook and I am getting the Error:


"status": 400,

"error": "Bad Request",

"path": "/api/v1/campaigns/bae/start"


Below is my current JSON Included in the WebHook:


  "campaignId": CampaignNum,

  "instance": "Instance",

  "domoAccessToken": "AccessToken",

  "domoAccessTokenOwnerEmailAddress": "Email",

  "emailAddresses": ["Email" ],

  "isTest": true


I've found that I could POST the previous JSON to while testing the API on another program, but I am not able to get a successful POST while using the Domo WebHook.

I've also tried to POST to, but I have also only gotten the error from above. 


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