PDP and Trusted Attributes



I need to split data by a trusted attribute sent through with our JWT token using PDP.

Is it possible to use a custom attribute so that a column can be checked against this attribute in a PDP policy? For example I want to send through the users user_id and filter so they only see their data. I could hijack employee id but not ideal.


  • Hi @Jones01 -

    The "Managed Attributes" area of the admin section will allow you to select which attributes are being "managed". Any of these attributes that are checked will be available for use in PDP policies or dynamic groups. Hope that answers your question. I don't believe you are able to use a custom field, but you may be able to map this field to one of the attributes listed?

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  • Jones01
    Jones01 Contributor

    @ST_-Superman-_ thanks, Yes I suppose we can hijack something like the employee id to represent a unique user id.