Fix colour rules across multiple datasets?


Hi There,

Can we copy colour rules to a new data set instead of having to create a new set of rules? Generally, we use the same colour rules across various datasets, if these could be set to default against a similar field name it would be a HUGE benefit. For context, there are 3-6 repeated categories that require 3-5 different colours each. Additionally, we use custom colours for all and de-select the 'Apply format to table row' for all.

For example, when the field in a dataset is like 'RAG status' then default to 'RAG colours Rule'

Small help - if that is not possible is there a way to set a theme to change these default colours

and an option to default these checkboxes to be de-selected:

Help appreciated


  • GrantSmith

    Currently there isn't a way to copy conditional color rules across datasets. I'd recommend posting an idea to the idea exchange for other users to vote on and help direct the Product team to desired enhancements.

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