Compare data from two views of the same dataset, dynamically

NateBI Member
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Hi there,

Context: I have a dataset with daily snapshots appended and it has one batch date field.

Ideal: I would like users to be able to select two dates Date A and Date B to compare the snapshot view from both dates.

Simple solution: Split the dataset into a Date A dataset and a Date B dataset in the ETL, create visuals for both in the same report, and set up date filters for users to filter on both - this works for simple eyeball comparisons.

Ideal Example: I want to build comparison logic that works no matter what dates have been selected for example, a beast mode called 'Variation' that calculates

'[DateA_data set].Column_A - [DateB_dataset].Column_A

Alternatively: If the user had a filter that changed the date filters in the ETL but from within the report (the ones that define Date A and Date B datasets) I could then join these datasets in the ETL and write the calculation logic as you would normally for the same dataset but with the data being dynamically extracted.

Any solutions/ideas let me know!