Merging Outlook Meeting & Sales Lead Data


Hello there,

I am trying to create a sales pipeline, and have two key datasets that I need to join based on the prospects email adress...

  • Outlook Meetings: CC Emails, Categories (Attended, Booked, No-show)
  • SalesForce Lead Data: Keep all data, looking to transform Lead Stage.

The idea is to join both these datasets based on the matching email adresses.

Unfortunately, the CC email data can also have other Domo employee email addresses, and secondary prospect emails too, and I was hoping to filter this data out before joining, or join using that data as a key, but in a way that only looks for the matching data.

My second question is, how I might transform the SalesForces data (Lead Stage) to "Meeting" if the joined Category data was "Booked", "Attended" or "No-show".

I hope this makes sense, I've tried using Replace text tile prior to using a Join tile, but haven't had much luck.


  • I assume your cc emails are in one string and separated by a comma or semicolon. You are going to need to get them separated so that you have one e-mail address per row. You can do this with a method that I walk through in this video.

    In the walkthrough, I am separating out strings of words into single words by looking for the space between words to build a word cloud. You would follow the same process, but look for what separates your e-mail addresses.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Strongreece
    Strongreece Domo Employee

    That's very helpfull, I will give that a try!