Odd behaviour with FISCAL Calendar

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We have had the fiscal calendar enabled on our instance and the fiscal year loaded in.

I have noticed some very strange behaviour of the cards and was wondering if this is something domo haven't setup correctly or just limitations of the feature.

In our fiscal year we have a fiscal month running from 03/01/2021 to 30/01/2021.

If I choose the date range 01/01/2021 to 30/01/2021 I get the below data.

So we have a portion of last fin month in 2020 and then the first fin month of 2021 (why it says 2022 is also a mystery!). The data here is correct.

The biggest oddity is this. If I choose the date range 01/01/2021 to 31/01/2021. So this includes 1 day of the next fin month of 2021.

It doesn't break that part out into its own month. If I then include the 1st Feb 2021 I get the below. So it is only breaking the month apart on a new calendar month rather than the boundary for the next fin month.

Also if I start the period on 27th December 2020 to 30/01/2021 I then get 3 fiscal months when in reality this is only covering 2!!

Has anyone had any experience with the fiscal option?



  • MichelleH

    @Jones01 Do you know if your fiscal calendar is one of Domo's standard options or if you have a custom fiscal calendar? If it's a custom calendar, then it looks like your month abbreviations may be mis-aligned. Domo Support should be able to correct this.

  • Jones01
    Jones01 Contributor

    @MichelleH Thanks, Yes I have just had confirmation that there was an error uploading our custom fiscal year so they are redoing now for me