How to create a filter to capture the end of month


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Basically, we want to capture the data from the previous month on the current week.

for example, the start of the week is 8/28 and the end of the week is 9/3.

we want to capture all data up to 8/31 only. and then data for 9/1 to 9/3

using the start date 8/28 or end date 9/3.




  • build a date dimension where you have one row for each day of the year. then assign the week_of_year to each date. then it'll be easier to make these comparisons.

    "build a date dimension" in SQL is a google-able term, so you should be able to implement that using MySQL dataflows.

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  • WorldWarHulk

    Hi @jaeW_at_Onyx

    I am not sure how to assign the date to my dataset

    here's what my data looks like>>>

    I created a date dimension(date) and joined it to my end date column

    not sure how to show that Friday is for this date and Thursday is for this date based of the Start and End date ranges.

    for example, in the first row, I want to say that Wednesday is 3/28/2018 and Friday is 3/30/2018.