Where do Cloned Beast Modes Come From?


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I'm working through managing beast modes for my company and noticed that we have a "cloned" beast mode.

Our company uses mutliple datasets, and within the datasets I have noticed that while we can have the same beast mode listed in the dataset twice with diffeent names, however the wording cloned beast mode does not appear.

Recently, in the image below, the word cloned is coming up. Does anyone know how these cloned beast modes originate?

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @zcameron this might be something for your team?

    @James_Dougherty Domo has ... a handful of quiet releases and sometimes doesn't update the documentation to reflect updated language in the product.

    I think it's important to consider how Beast Modes can be created / duplicated (and then test and you'll figure it out!)

    1) a beast mode can be duplicated if it exists only in the card (i.e. not "shared to dataset") and then you duplicate the card. For sure that will create a new entry for the beast mode in beast mode manager because that beast mode is tied to that card. i'm unsure if it would have the language of "cloned" or not.

    2) a beast mode can be duplicated if you duplicate the dashboard (and in the same process duplicate the card). it is unclear to me what impact it would have on language in beast mode manager.

    3) if you go to the data center and move a card from one dataset to another (or do the same in analyzer), Analyzer will try to duplicate the beast modes from your card on that new dataset (it is unclear to me, test it and let us know! -- whether Analyzer will only duplicate the fields actually in use on the card or ALL the beast modes in the card that are NOT shared to the dataset, or ALL the beast modes including those shared to the dataset).

    Hope that helps give a framework for your investigagtion..

    Jae Wilson
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