Date filter greyed out - multiple date columns in a table visual

Hi there,

When I drag a second date column into a table visual, the date filter auto changes to match the new date column and greys out. It doesn't happen every time though so if someone can send the documentation or explain that would be appreciated.

In this scenario, I am trying to bring a create date into the table while keeping the batch date as the filter.


  • @NateBI This is usually because the "created date" field is being used in your card. Try removing it and adding the date field you want.

  • NateBI
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    Hi @MichelleH - here I want the 'created date' field in the card because I want to see when the record was created at source however I want the card to remain filtered by the 'batch date' - the date it was appended into Domo.

  • @NateBI You can still have created date in the card, but you will need to add 'batch date' first. Also, you may need to have the 'batch date' column further to the left than 'create date'

  • Hi @MichelleH yeah I did tried this, this is the order:

    Even when I remove the create date it stays as a filter greyed out. I have to 'undo' until it returns to latest update (alias for batch date)

  • Update: (@MichelleH)

    It works now, I removed both dates, added the created date first then added the batch date.

    It must take whatever the last date field added is and auto set this as the date range field filter for some reason.

    Thanks for the help!

  • @NateBI I'm glad you got it working!