Trying to create a nested Case statement with multiple conditions


basically, I need to first attest that it is in the current quarter, and then I need to look at the column for confidence whether it is A or B, if it is blank, I look at column trust whether it is A or B, if it is also blank, I look at the status column if it states committed

then 'True' else 'false'

I am able to do the rest except when I try to add the case statement to capture quarter.

My current beastmode is>>>


when `Confidence` = 'A' or `Confidence` = 'B' then 'True'

ELSE 'False'

when `Trust` = 'A' or `Trust` = 'B' then 'True'

ELSE 'False'

when `Status` = 'Committed' then 'True'

ELSE 'False' end)

it works fine, but now,

I need to add the condition, when it is the current quarter then 'True' and then it continues to look at the confidence or Trust or committed.


  • RobSomers
    RobSomers Coach
    edited August 2022

    @WorldWarHulk I think I answered the current quarter question in your post you created a little bit ago:

    For combining that with your current beast mode, I think the following should work:

    case when QUARTER('Date')<>QUARTER(Curdate()) and YEAR('Date')<>YEAR(Curdate()) then 'False' else (your current beast mode pasted inside parentheses) end

    Or you could do it as two separate filters, a current quarter and then your beast mode in case you want to look at the same criteria for different time periods.

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  • WorldWarHulk

    Thanks Rob!

    I will try adding it to my current beastmode!

  • WorldWarHulk

    Thanks for the quick help!!!