Table of contents on dashboards

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On a dashboard, is there a way to create a table of contents showing what kind of sections or metrics are available here without having to scroll through the entire page? Not having to create a text box card at the top manually.

  • when clicking on one item in the table of contents it automatically scrolls down to relevant section of the dashboard?
  • or at very least the titles of the sections are linked to the table of contents so that if you change the title in the dashboard then it will also change at the top instead of having to change it twice?


  • Currently no, this isn't possible but I'd recommend adding this as an idea to the idea exchange to get this functionality added.

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  • Ok yes, already did :)

    To be honest I thought originally this was the ideas exchange.. haha

  • I think Domo's best practice for dashboards is to avoid having a long page that involves a lot of scrolling (and would require a TOC at the top), but have a landing page with some key cards and icons/images that would take you to additional dashboards. You can them them all the same so it feels cohesive. This Domo video is the best walkthrough I have seen to create that look.

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  • ok great, thanks for sharing.

    I kind of was expecting that answer and will try to convince the business that that's the way to build their dashboards.. :)