Page Level Date Filter nulling when not available in every dataset

I have a dashboard with cards running on multiple datasets (5+). To make date selection easier for users I've created a beastmode titled exactly the same across all datasets to show Q#-YYYY.

There are instances where a there will be records of that date in some datasets and not others, the issue here is that I assumed as long as that date range was available in 1 of the datasets DOMO would recognize it and display it accordingly instead it is nulling out and making it look as though we do not ANY data for a specific customer that doesn't have data in that date range across all datasets. Even though we do have data in some datasets for that range.

Any idea what is going on here?


  • @crico Since you are using multiple datasets, I recommend using dynamic date range filters and Filter Views. The global date filter is not tied to a specific date field, but instead uses whatever field is used in the Date Range settings of each card.

  • @crico For your QM Metrics Date Filter, when you added it to the page, did you click on the arrow next to it?

    This lets you select the datasets that it should be applied to, so you could check all the datasets used on the page.

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  • crico
    edited August 2022

    @RobSomers yes i did use the arrow and select all datasets

    @MichelleH i wanted to avoid using that global date filter as the use case is for users to select specific quarter ranges.

    overall i found the issue: although i select all datasets when setting the page filter, upon using the date filter there is an additional dataset drop down option. I've now changed that to the 'most complete' dataset and the issue is resolved for me. I saved this new configuration with the default filter but still user is saying they are still having this issue.

    It is also unfortunate that in this additional dropdown I am not able to multi-select.

  • @crico Have you considered saving the quarter ranges as individual Filter Views?

  • @MichelleH that could work but then I'd have to manually save a filter view each qtr and I'd rather this be as set it and forget it as I can make it