How to fix 'Cannot Save' error in Scheduling?


I am working with the domo writeback to gsheets. It is scheduled to run each day at a specific time which I set up when I first set up the writeback into my ETL.

Now I need to change that schedule so I go to the dataset details then the 'Settings' and 'Scheduling' and make a change. However, when I click SAVE - nothing happens and if I refresh it just goes back to the original settings.

I reset chrome, deleted cache/cookies, and now I get a popup that says the save failed but I cannot figure out why or how to make it work.

I seriously don't want to have to go back and set these up brand new every time I want to make a schedule change but that's all I can think of doing at the moment.


  • GrantSmith

    This sounds like a bug. I'd recommend opening a support ticket with Domo to have their engineering team take a look at for you.

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