Multiple measures in one card?


Hi All,

Is there an option for inputting multiple fields into the Pie Name?

My data is structured like this example:

I would like to:

1) Show the % breakdown of Total Cleans by Clean Type on a Pie/Donut Chart (% examples seen below the table)

The Pie name option offers one input:


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @NateBI

    You'll want to use a Magic ETL and Unpivot your data such that you have a column for the different types of clean and then use that column in your Pie Chart. The pie chart only supports a single value for the pie name.

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  • NateBI
    NateBI Member
    edited July 2022

    Hi @GrantSmith, I want to avoid unpivoting the dataset in this scenario for various reasons but thank you. I found a work-around here:

    Update: To achieve a similar result I dragged the Clean Type columns onto a bar chart. I used one of the Clean Type columns as the X-Axis and hid the X-Axis label, then included the Percentage in the data label settings. The card will auto SUM the columns so it works or you can use a SUM() BM for each column.

    Caveats: If you add more value fields it will impact the percentage figures.