Dynamic Segments

pimogo Member
edited July 2022 in Charting

Looking to create a segment calculation that essentially becomes the leftover rows of what is filtered. So lets say you have 5 zones and someone filters the page on Zone 1. I want the other zones to show up for comparison. The filtered zone will be highlighted.

This is a workaround attempt at highlighting page filtered rows. Instead of filtering on the one zone, this approach will highlight that zone with the other zones now parts of a segment.

Hope that makes sense.



  • GrantSmith

    Currently there isn’t a way to have Domo do a segment in this way easily. One hack would be to duplicate your dataset and have an extra column to “filter” on which just has the value you want to highlight however this can drastically increase the size of your dataset as you’d need to replicate it as many times as possible filters.

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