Regarding domo APP DB


Hi Team,

I have enabled "syncEnabled": true at manifest.json to export APP DB data to domo.

I can see the collection information .

But I want document related columns information, i.e., JSON document "content" value i.e , it contains content information as per below

"Badgeid":"","courseid":"[\"Ajax\"]","classid":"[\"55_55555\"]","Question0":"[Overall Satisfaction] Overall Review of Class:","Answer0":"Average: A few problems,potentially impacting learning experience","Question1":"Content was up to date"

in to the columns

Badgeid, courseid,classid,Question0,Answer0,Question1,Answer1

Can you please let me know how , is there way how at mainfest.json level to export in such a way APP DB documents gets convert into domo dataset i.e columns and rows.