How specific can I get with dynamic scale markers?


Hi all,

I'm working on a year-over-year card where I want to add a goal line that represents a 10% reduction from the previous year. However, this is a card that I have a slicer for, so I want that line to be dynamic as the data changes. Is that possible? The furthest I was able to get was to create a percentage scale marker that was tracked off of the maximum data. Unfortunately, that doesn't meet all usecases.

I'm not able to upload images due to firewall conflicts, so I'll do my best to explain:

I have a chart where the X axis is years (2020-2022), and the Y axis is cost. Each year has a bar for major and minor costs (so 6 bars total, divided into 3 year buckets). I want to have a goal line that is set at 90% of the 2021 major cost bar, and ideally a second goal line set at 90% of the 2021 minor cost bar. When I filter this card, I want those lines to update accordingly?

Is this possible?


  • RobSomers

    If you were doing only one bar each year, you could use a Bullet chart which lets you use a beast mode to set a goal. For how you want to set it up, my thought is to do either a line and bar chart or a symbol and bar chart and use a beast mode to calculate your major and minor goal lines for you lines/symbols.

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