Manually adding data to a existing DOMO dataset


Hi Team,

I am trying to add the data to a existing DOMO dataset..Can you please let me know how I can achieve the same..





  • MichelleH

    @ozarkram What kind of dataset is it? Depending on what kind it is, you may need to import your new data using the File Upload connector and use an ETL to append the new and existing datasets together.

  • ozarkram

    Hi @MichelleH : The DOMO dataset comes from a query in the DOMO workbench which runs everyday and it is snapshot data...The data I am trying insert into it is in excel and it is for couple of weeks missing in 2021...

  • mhouston
    mhouston Contributor

    @ozarkram the easiest may be to do this in an ETL - you'll want to load the excel file into Domo (i.e. via the excel file upload) and then in ETL do an append between your excel dataset and your workbench dataset.

    If your excel file columns are already formatted the same as your workbench dataset, you could do this in a view instead of an ETL.