Relative date range filtering using JSON no code with API only supporting timestamp format



I'd like to use our partner API within Domo with JSON no code connector

The connexion works fine until I set up a relative date range filtering of 7 days (which is allowed by the API with startDate and endDate parameters). The API documentation specifies that date parameters should follow this timestamp format : "yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss"

When setting this format in advanced settings, Domo returns following error :

"Domo is ready, but the date format entered is invalid. Please verify your date format and try again."

My understanding is that Domo does not recognise the timestamp format as specified by the documentation. Is there an "official" timestamp format redable by the connector ? Will it be passed correctly on the request URL ?

Thanks for any help !



  • GrantSmith

    Are you using Date Query parameters? I'm assuming that's the case in which it would cause Domo to validate the date string. In this instance it won't work if you're using relative values. Have you tried passing it via a string query parameter?

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