Adding a new column of data to a existing card


I have created a card in which I have mentioned which courses have distributed how many certificate but the problem is I only have Course Id in this table and I have course name in some other tables. It is possible to add that column into my card


  • Kunal
    Kunal Contributor

    Only if you can find a way to link those two tables which I believe you don't have right now. There are two ways to do it

    1. Create a new table with all the courses and their IDs. And then link this table to your certificate table
    2. (This will only work if the Course ID is derivative from the Course Name) Create a new column for the certificate table by writing down a fuggy logic around the Course Name to generate the Course ID
  • GrantSmith

    Hi @Sheeraz89

    You'll need to join your two datasets together with a Magic ETL dataflow using the join tile based on the course ID (alternatively you can use a DataSet View and join the two tables together). This will combine the two datasets together and allow you to pull in the course name. Once you have that new dataset output from the dataflow you will have to change the dataset on the card to be your new dataset so it has access to the course information.

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