Drill-path showing in dashboard


I know it is possible to see the drill path in the card details. Can we directly click on the card in a dashboard and see the table from the drill path show up directly in the dashboard (without going first to card details)?

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  • Hi @hmicm yes, there is a "Drill In Place" option on the card Interaction settings. You can access this via "Edit Dashboard" - "Edit Content" - "Change Interaction"

  • Kailin
    Kailin Member

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it.

    I tried the edit content. But it didn't allow me to "Drill in place", do you possibly know the solution for this?


  • @Kailin Do you have a drill path configured on the card? The Drill in Place option does not go down to the raw data table, so you will have to configure a Mega Table or HTML table in the drill to see the detail in order to drill from the dashboard.