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Hi guys,

I am trying to create a formula that Account Engagement Rate. As a part of the calculation I need to work out what the most recent follower count is for the account. This would naturally be for the previous day as this will be the latest update.

Does anyone know how to achieve this? Is it something like: Date (To-day - 1 (Follower growth))?

The wider formula is: ((SUM(`Likes`) + SUM(`Comments`) + SUM(`Saves`))/ COUNT(DISTINCT `Media Type`)) / Date (To-day - 1 (Follower growth))





  • Billobi
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    Hi Shiel,

    I've found that most of the social media connectors keep account/channel data (followers, subscribers, friends, whatever) separate from engagement data (likes, comments, saves, shares, etc.) and the naming structure is pretty different on each too. I'd use ETL to normalize the inputs from various social media sources and calculate engagement rate in the same spot while I'm in there.

    There at the day date grain, you can sum up all your engagement values and follower counts with 1 row per day. Use append to stack your social media platform data and group by functions to collapse to date. Or leave it all uncollapsed and handle the aggregation at the card level...just point the card to "yesterday". Then you've got Avg Daily Follower Engagement as sum(engagement values) / sum(follower counts).