Dynamically Updating Dataset from DDX Brick

willrnt Member

Greetings DOMO Dojo,

I am currently trying to overwrite an existing dataset from inside a DDX application. I have currently setup the new data that I would like to replace the existing dataset with in CSV format. I have tried to accomplish it using this:

var q = `data/v1/${datasets[1]}?updateMethod=REPLACE?data=${csvData}`;


Along with a few other solutions and have not been successful. Does anyone have any tips / pointers for accomplishing this.

All suggestions are appreciated.





  • GrantSmith

    Have you inspected the network traffic to see if it's returning an error for you when attempting to call that API endpoint?

    Does your data schema match the existing schema?

    Have you tried passing in your CSV data as the second parameter to your domo.put call?

    var q = `data/v1/${datasets[1]}`;
    domo.put(q, csvData);
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  • JosephMeyers
    JosephMeyers Domo Employee

    I know this is old but there is currently not an endpoint for directly updating a dataset from a custom app (DDX included).

    Please see https://developer.domo.com/docs/dev-studio-references/data-api for more information.