Why won't this beast mode work -- case statement


CASE WHEN `Variable Name`<= 1 THEN 'SMALL'

 WHEN `Variable Name` BETWEEN 1 AND 1,000 THEN 'MEDIUM'

WHEN `Variable Name` > 1,000 'LARGE' END


  • MarkSnodgrass

    Domo's beast mode doesn't like the BETWEEN clause. Also, you are missing the THEN statement just before 'Large'. Try this:

    WHEN `Variable Name`<= 1 THEN 'SMALL'
    WHEN `Variable Name` >= 1 AND `Variable Name` <= 1000 THEN 'MEDIUM'
    WHEN `Variable Name` > 1000 THEN 'LARGE' 

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  • GrantSmith

    You can't use commas in numerical comparisons. Also as @MarkSnodgrass mentioned you're missing a THEN in the last WHEN clause.

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