Finding average of difference in two different dates

Hi All,

I am trying to find the average difference in the dates between two different dates at a level of plant ,segment, model and part..I used the Group by tile for the same and in the aggregated column I am writing the below formula

AVG(DATEDIFF(`cur_prm_date`,`prmdate7` )) over (order by `cur_prm_date`) for which I am getting an error..

Syntax error in expression at character 42 on line 1:AVG(DATEDIFF(`cur_prm_date`,`prmdate7` )) over (order by `cur_prm_date`)





  • Since you're doing a windowing function have you looked into the Rank & Window tile?

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  • Hi @GrantSmith , I used redshift sql finally..I have to get used to the rank and window tile..