Image Hosting

End Goal:

I want to display a sales rep's headshot next to their stats on some "Top 5 Producers" style cards. I'm familiar with the HTML code to do this, and I know I can put these pictures on a free online image hosting service to do it. But my IT department would probably "expel a kitten" over this because they treat these like medical records for whatever reason.

Anyone have any experience putting images in tables that doesn't involve a public image hosting service? Does Domo have a way to store images for use in cards like this? Our company uses SharePoint, is there a solution there? Anyone found any creative workarounds to get this kind of thing done?

I'm open to any/all ideas. Thanks!


  • Are these users within Domo already that you'd be able to use their profile pictures?

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  • @GrantSmith No sir.

  • Anyone have any ideas?

  • Anyone have any ideas?

  • Hello,

    I'll leave here a solution for this:

    You can create a dashboard with all the images you need and then copy the url of every card:

    And include the URL in the table's HTML.

    The only thing to have in consideration is that permissions are a bit weird, some people see the images, others need the logo card shared first… (it's something that has to be tested further)