Give different filter values to different cards, same column Campaigns?

Tommy Member
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Is there a way to specify that a campaign distribution list filter only applies to certain cards? All the cards have the same column (same data source) but trying to display two different time frames on some of the cards, and thus need the filters to only apply to select ones. Not seeing anything in the documentation for this, any help is appreciated.



  • HelenOBrien
    HelenOBrien Member
    edited June 2022
    1. go to Edit Dashboard
    2. go to the card you do not want filtered and select "Edit Content"
    3. select "Change filter exceptions"
    4. Untick the Allow Filtering and Allow global date

    Hope this helps

  • Tommy
    Tommy Member

    Hi Helen, this does not work for campaigns. That's fine for a dashboard. A campaign has a distribution list with specific filters for each email on the distribution list. If the cards share a data source or have columns of the same name, the filters are automatically applied regardless of if you want them applied to a specific card or not.