generate page and cards programatically

Hi would it be possible to save a card template using the CLI and then using that template to create a page with that card in it?

I want to generate a lot of pages programmatically with some sort of card template.

Like 1000 versions of the same page with a different data set for each page.


  • Why do you want to create 1000 versions of the same page? Are you wanting to limit access to the different pages depending on specific criteria? If that's the case I'd recommend a single card but utilize PDP to limit the rows the user has access too instead of creating a bunch of pages and cards that you'd need to maintain.

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  • seanwayland
    seanwayland Member
    edited June 2022

    Thank you ! We have thousands of reports and users. The "solution" we have is a database with all the reports in them which users filter in the browser by sticking their report name into a field in the card itself. It is very clunky and as the reports grow in number the browser can't handle all the data. One "report" has say 100 cards in it. Also imagine one user has 350 reports then the PDP filters down to those 350 but it's still a pain for that user to find their report.