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Hello Domo !

I have a problem that I have a dataset which consists of "reports". I want to visualise the reports with cards in DOMO. The are say 10,000 or more reports. Is there a way to load one report at a time into DOMO and the browser? We have a database with all the reports in it but the only solution seems to be to load ALL the reports and then filter then in the cards based on the report name or report UID. Is there a smart way to do this ? I believe it is loading everything into the browser and the browser is pretty sluggish. I also want to be able to share ONE report with someone else not send them EVERYONES report. The reports all have the same data structure. Any ideas would be welcome thanks Sean


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    @seanwayland - I think the easiest way to do this would be with using the Views Explorer. Simply create a dataset view that filters your large dataset down to a single report (or group of reports if that makes sense) and build content or share from the dataset views. Then the page will only need to load in the much smaller dataset view when loading.

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