Limit Date Selector Card for User Interaction

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edited June 2022 in Charting

I have a dataset that has multiple report dates with each value summing up total for that day (each row has its own value to sum for the day).

I have a date selector card as a calendar format but need to limit the user to only choosing one day at a time since choosing more than one will make the data inflated and not helpful.

I'm guessing this is not a function right now, but has anyone else figured out a way to do this? Is it something that Domo is planning on adding?



  • Typically I'll add a text card atop the page and have it simply return an error message saying to select a single date if more than one is selected (I'll also make it red text to clearly notify an error to the user). Currently we can't limit the date selector to a single date.

    CASE WHEN COUNT(DISTINCT `date`) <> 1 THEN 'Please select a single date' ELSE '' END
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